Tuesday Delaware County Fair Judging Results

Tuesday of the 2018 Delaware County Fair hosted the Pet, Poultry, Rabbit, Meat Goat, Sheep, and Agronomy Show.


Pet Show Results


Champion Pet Exhibit—Maylin Coates


Poultry Show Results


Champion Laying Flock Pullets—Noah Felton


Champion Laying Flock Laying Hens—Trysten Mullis


Champion Market Poultry Heavyweight Broilers—Aaron Dunkel


Champion Market Poultry Lightweight Broilers—Katherine Comley


Champion Young Turkey—Seth Deutmeyer


Champion Lightweight Ducks—Tyreese Crippen


Champion Heavyweight Ducks—Caden Ries


Champion Other Fowl Bantams and Game Birds—Seth Jackson


Champion Other Fowl Exotic and Ornamental—Sheri Mast


Champion Exhibition Standards—Trent Koopmann


Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit—Trent Koopmann


Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit—Seth Deutmeyer


Champion Junior Showman—Caden Ries


Reserve Champion Junior Showman—Trysten Mullis


Champion Intermediate Showman—Maci Cook


Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman—Noah Jackson


Champion Senior Showman—Seth Deutmeyer


Reserve Champion Senior Showman—Trent Koopmann


Rabbit Show Results


Best Market Individual—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Best Market Pen of Three—Elizabeth Deutmeyer


Best Commercial Breeding—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Best Commercial Opposite Sex—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Best Fancy Breeding—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Best Fancy Opposite Sex—Owen Pettlon


Grand Champion Rabbit—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Champion Junior Rabbit Showman—R.J. Helmrichs


Reserve Champion Junior Rabbit Showman—Karli Postel


Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman—Madalyn Kann


Reserve Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman—Brycelynn Hutchinson


Champion Senor Rabbit Showman—Blake Cook


Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Showman—Elizabeth Deutmeyer


Goat Show Results


Champion Fiber Goat—Kolbey Steffensmeier


Champion Pygmy/Miniature/Fainting Goat—Shelby March


Reserve Champion Pygmy/Miniature/Fainting Goat—Anthony March


Champion Breeding Goat—Mason Kruse


Reserve Champion Breeding Goat—Jacob Demmer


Champion Dairy Wether Goat—Kolbey Steffensmeier


Reserve Champion Dairy Wether Goat—Amelia Schnieders


Champion Market Goat—Mason Kruse


Reserve Champion Market Goat—Jacob Demmer


Champion Rate of Gain—Katie Fitzgerald


Reserve Champion Rate of Gain—Carson Schnieders, Kolbey Steffensmeier, Mason Kruse, Ellie Recker

Champion Junior Goat Showman—Aden Kruse


Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showman—Lindsey Harter


Champion Intermediate Goat Showman—Charlie Ehlers


Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showman—Madalynn Kruse


Champion Senior Goat Showman—Mason Kruse


Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showman—Abby Demmer


Sheep Show Results

Champion Purebred Ewe-Kirstyn Kolbet


Reserve Champion Purebred Ewe-Kinley Kolbet


Champion Purebred Ram-Kinley Kolbet


Reserve Champion Purebred Ram-Vedah Langel


Champion Grade Ewe-Bianka Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Grade Ewe-Haley Ronnebaum


Champion Grade Ram-Kinley Kolbet


Reserve Champion Grade Ram-Aaron Knipper


Champion Young Breeders Flock-Kinley Kolbet


Reserve Champion Young Breeders Flock-Kirstyn Kolbet


Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Caden Kremer


Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Nathanial Gaul


Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum


Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere


Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Lanae LeClere


Grand Champion Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Grand champion Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum


Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Aaron Knipper


Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Lucas Knipper


Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Bianka Ronnebaum


Champion Rate of Gain-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-Aaron Knipper


Champion Junior Showman-Caden Kremer


Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Tyreese Crippen


Champion Intermediate Showman-Haley Ronnebaum


Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Lanae LeClere


Champion Senior Showman-Aaron Knipper


Reserve Champion Senior Showman-Kinley Kolbet




Agronomy Show Results

Champion Corn-Tyler Hoeger


Champion Soybeans-Jim Drummy


Champion Oats-Tyler Hoeger


Champion Hay-Lori Hilby





Visit the Delaware County fair Wednesday for the Dairy Show, Clover Kid judging, the Kiddie Dairy show, Kiddie Beef Calf show, and Cow/Calf Show!