Wednesday Delaware County Fair Judging Results

Wednesday of the 2018 Delaware County fair featured the Clover Kid Project showcase, the Dairy show, the Kiddie Dairy Show, the Kiddie Beef Show, and the Cow/Calf Show.

Over 30 Clover Kids participated in the Clover Kid Project Showcase. Clover Kids are members in Kindergarten through third grade.  Exhibitors went on a club tour throughout the fairgrounds in the morning and got to meet with 4-Hers in the various livestock barns and the exhibit hall to see and learn about all of the 4-H project areas.  Afterwards they brought their favorite project to the Fair and got the chance to talk to a judge about their project and what they learned.

Winners in the 2018 Dairy show include:

Champion Dairy Goat – Carson Schnieders

Reserve Champion Diary Goat – Grant Schnieders

Champion Dairy Goat Showman – Grant Schnieders

Junior Champion Holstein – Cole Kruse

Reserve Junior Champion Holstein – Kaitlyn Besler

Junior Champion Ayrshire- Cassie Westhoff

Reserve Junior Champion Ayrshire- Josie Young

Junior Champion Brown Swiss- Carter Kruse

Reserve Junior Champion Brown Swiss – Audrey Kruse

Junior Champion Guernsey – Alison Hogan

Reserve Junior Champion Guernsey – Alison Hogan

Junior Champion Jersey – Cole Kruse

Reserve Junior Champion Jersey –  Cole Kruse

Junior Champion Crossbred – Amber Engelken

Reserve Junior Champion Crossbred- Bianka Ronnebaum

Dairy Supreme Junior Champion – Cole Kruse

Reserve Dairy Supreme Junior Champion – Carter Kruse

2017 Dairy Record Book Senior – Amber Engelken

2017 Dairy Record Book Intermediate – Amber Engelken

2017 Top Production Contest – Amber Engelken

2017 Champion Dairy Herdsman- Amanda Engelken

2017 Reserve Champion Herdsman- Lauren Goldsmith

Champion Holstein – Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Holstein – Bianka Ronnebaum

Champion Ayrshire – Aaron Knipper

Reserve Champion Ayrshire- Cassie Westhoff

Champion Brown Swiss- Amanda Engelken

Reserve Champion Brown Swiss- Carter Kruse

Champion Guernsey – Holli Hogan

Reserve Champion Guernsey – Holli Hogan

Champion Jersey – Shelby Westholf

Reserve Champion Jersey – Ford Domeyer

Champion Crossbred – Amber Engelken

Reserve Champion Crossbred – Brain Heims

Champion Dairy Supreme – Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Dairy Supreme – Aaron Knipper

Best Udder of the Show – Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Best Udder of the Show –  Bianka Ronnebaum

First Place Holstein Herd – Bianka Ronnebaum

First Place Crossbred Herd – Amber Engelken

Champion Junior Dairy Showman – Audrey Kruse

Reserve Champion Junior Showman –  Kaitlyn Besler

Champion Intermediate Showman- Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman – Maci Cook

Champion Senior Showman – Cole Kruse

Reserve Champion Senior Showman –  Carter Kruse

Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor – Amanda Engelken & Cole Kruse

41 youth participated in the Kiddie Dairy Show. Class winners were Caden Cannon and Olivia Ronnebaum.

The Kiddie Beef Show was held Wednesday evening, 65 three year old to 9 year olds participated. Winners of the Show included: Jack Kramer, Josie Hillers, and Lauren Krogmann

Wednesday evening concluded with the Cow/Calf Exhibits.   Winners of the show included:

Champion Cow-Calf Under 2 Years of Age: Logan Peyton

Reserve Champion Cow-Calf Under 2 Years of Age: Ben Lueck

Champion Mature Cow-Calf: Olivia Hilby

Reserve Champion Mature Cow-Calf: Mason Kruse

Thursday at the fair features the Breeding, Bred & Raised, and Market Beef shows,  as well as Working Exhibits, and our Clothing Style Show and Share the Fun performances.

See you at the Fair!