Manchester Looking at Amending Ordinance on Recreational Fires

The City of Manchester is looking into amending its ordinance on recreational fires.

City Manager Tim Vick says the amendment will better define what a “recreational” fire is and what is allowed within city limits.

City officials say a few people have been taking it to extremes, which is forcing the City to now dial it back. They say they’ve heard of plywood, furniture and even mattresses being burned in “recreational fires”.

Currently, the ordinance only states that rubber tires cannot be burned in a recreational fire. But the proposed amendment would also add wood products, painted wood products, and plastic or petroleum-based products. It also limits fires to no more than four feet in diameter and restricts them to be contained within a metal, masonry or concrete structure.

The City Council approved the first reading of the ordinance on Monday night. A second reading will be up for consideration at their next meeting later this month.