Northey: New Farm Aid Program to be Rolled Out Soon

The first part of a three-part farm aid package is scheduled to be rolled out by the USDA in about three weeks. Bill Northey, the agency’s Undersecretary for Farm and Foreign Ag Services, says more details will be out soon on what’s being called a market facilitation program.

“That is looking to get stood up right after Labor Day,” Northey says. “Right now, the target is September 4th of Labor Day. As we get a little closer, we’ll get some more information, but in the next couple of weeks there’ll be more information coming out so that folks will be ready for sign-up.”

Northey, a former Iowa Ag Secretary, says the delay on the program’s details is because they’re still working on the rule-making part of the process.

“We’ll have a rule that will come out. It will actually be noticed in the federal register before that time,” Northey says. “That’s one of the reasons we’re not able to share what the final rules are because we’re in the process of that. That should all be done so that folks will be able to go in and actively get signed up that first week in September.”

Northey says they’re trying to make it so producers can certify their production numbers as simply as possible.

“Once we announce rates and the method for the producer to be able to determine whether they want to participate or not, that’s going to be as simple as we can as well,” he says. “We’re going to have more information on — that’s a website that we’re getting more information to.”

Northey also encourages farmers and ranchers to visit that site for more details on the tariff aid package.

(story courtesy of Radio Iowa/WNAX)