City of Manchester Purchasing GNB Lot to Create Parking

The City of Manchester is purchasing a lot to make room for more parking.

City Manager Tim Vick says GNB Bank recently approached the City to find out if they had any interest in the lot where their old realty office sits at 104 North Tama Street. The City saw the opportunity to remove the house and trees and turn the lot into extra parking.

The City negotiated the purchase price down to 15-thousand dollars. City Council member Dean Sherman voted against the purchase agreement at their meeting earlier this week, saying he hates to see trees disappear – and he feels housing is needed in Manchester more than parking. But with three other council members voting in favor of it, the agreement passed 3 to 1.

Once the house is removed, the City will look into paving the lot and installing at least eight parking stalls.


(photo by Janelle Tucker, KMCH)