KMCH Valued Volunteer – Mac Olsem

Congrats to our latest Valued Volunteer, Mac Olsem.  Read why Mac was nominated below:

I can’t say enough good things about Mac Olsem! She is a dedicated, hard-working volunteer at Ed-Co. I have known Mac since 2010 when I was first hired at Ed-Co. At that time, she was a kindergarten associate in my classroom. She loved her job, especially working with the kids. Mac is an extremely creative person, and was an integral part of keeping the kindergarten “parent centers” a tradition at Ed-Co. Even after retiring from the district, she still returned frequently to assist the kindergarten teachers with projects they were working on for the kids. She was always eager to jump in to help with whatever we needed at the time. Coming across volunteers as devoted as her is a rare thing. Mac’s dedication to teachers at Ed-Co is unwavering. Mac has purchased numerous items for the kindergarten classrooms out of her own pocket. Last summer, I asked Mac for help sewing curtains for my classroom, knowing she was an avid sewer. When I encountered problems using my own machine, she offered to make them for me! I always think of her when I look at them, and I’m grateful for how it brightens up my classroom. She is simply the best! Thanks for all your years of dedication to Ed-Co, Mac!

Emily Prestemon
3rd grade teacher at Ed-Co Elementary

If you know someone worthy of being a KMCH “Valued Volunteer”, CLICK HERE.

(1-r Manchester Chamber Director Jessica Pape, Mac Olsem, Delaware County Extension Director Jade Hargrafen)