Buchanan County Denied Individual Federal Disaster Aid

Homeowners, renters and businesses in Buchanan County hit by flash flooding and severe weather earlier this summer are being denied individual federal disaster aid.

FEMA has turned down Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ request. She was seeking individual assistance grants to help those in Buchanan County, as well as Dickinson, Polk and Winnebago counties, repair and rebuild.

FEMA officials say the magnitude of damage to homes and businesses in those four counties was not severe enough to warrant federal help.

Reynolds says she is “extremely disappointed” and will appeal that decision.

On Monday, FEMA did decide it will forward federal money to help the state and local governments in thirty Iowa counties rebuild public facilities like roads and bridges that were damaged by flooding. The counties now eligible to apply for Public Assistance Program funding include Delaware and Buchanan counties.


(photo courtesy of KMCH listener following flooding near Masonville in June)