Maquoketa Valley “Dollars for Scholars” Program Growing

Maquoketa Valley’s Dollars for Scholars program is growing, with this year’s graduating students expected to see more scholarship money.

Superintendent Doug Tuetken says Dollars for Scholars got its start in the early 2000’s, with the goal to provide a scholarship to any graduating MV student who was pursuing post-secondary education.

The actual endowment for Dollars for Scholars was $1.3 million. But Tuetken says they’re seeing some nice earnings on this right now – plus, they received another $1.8 million endowment from a recent retiree – which means scholarships at Maquoketa Valley will be going up and even expanding in the years beyond high school graduation.

Tuetken says Dollars for Scholars has some other fundraisers going on as well, so he imagines that over the next five to six years, endowments could be right around $5 million.