Flood Warnings Continue for Area Rivers

Flood warnings continue for area rivers…

In Independence, a Flood Warning continues for the Wapsi River until Sunday morning. Major flooding is happening right now, with the river over four feet above flood stage at 16.6 feet earlier today. It is falling and forecasted to fall below 15 feet Saturday morning and then drop below flood stage Sunday morning. At 16 feet, the water affects many homes, businesses and parks in Independence and Littleton. (see photo)

In Garber, a Flood Warning continues for the Turkey River until Saturday afternoon. The river sat at 20 feet this morning, three feet above flood stage. Moderate flooding is forecasted to continue, dropping below flood stage by Friday night.

In Elkader, a Flood Warning continues for the Turkey River until Saturday night. The community is seeing minor flooding, with the river over three feet above flood stage today. The National Weather Service says it will continue falling.

Flood Warnings also continue for the Wapsi River near Anamosa Shaw Road until Wednesday night, with major flooding predicted as the river is six feet above flood stage today. It is expected to rise to 23 feet Friday night. And the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids is under a Flood Warning until Wednesday morning, with the river a few feet over flood stage right now. Major flooding is also forecast, with the river expected to crest at 17 feet (five feet above flood stage) on Sunday night.

The Maquoketa River in Manchester is NOT under a flood warning, but the river levels came close… After nearly six inches of rain since last Friday, the Maquoketa crested at 13.8 feet just after midnight Thursday morning. Minor flooding starts to occur at 14 feet. During the noon hour today, it sat at 12.3 feet, flowing at 3,870 cubic feet per second.

We’ll get a chance to dry out over the next seven days… drier weather is in the forecast for at least the next week.


(photo courtesy of Independence Fire Department)