Delaware Co. Dairy Judging Teams Compete at State Fair

Three Senior Dairy judging teams, one Junior team and an individual from Delaware County recently competed well in a competative State Contest, held during the Iowa State Fair, Des Moines.

Members of the highest ranking team include Carter Kruse, Amber Engelken and Laney Demmer. They placed 3rd  Overall. They also earned 3rd Holstein, 3rd Brown Swiss, 4th Guernsey and 5th Ayrshire and Reasons. Individually, Laney Demmer earned 6th Overall,  and 1st Brown Swiss. Amber Engelken earned 7th Overall, 4th Ayrshire and 5th Holstein. Carter Kruse earned 10th Holstein.

Members of second highest ranking team include Cole Kruse, Amanda Engelken, Brian Heims and Mason Kruse. The team placed 5th Overall,  1st in Jersey and Milking Shorthorn, 3rd place team in Reasons, Guernsey and Ayrshire,  5th Brown Swiss.  Individually Amanda Engelken earned 5th Overall, 8th Reasons, 9th Milking Shorthorn and  Jersey. Cole Kruse earned 8th Overall, 2nd Reasons and Milking Shorthorn, 3rd Guernsey and Jersey.  Mason Kruse earned 9th Reasons and Ayrshire, 10th Milking Shorthorn. Brian Heims earned 3rd Ayrshire and 10th Reasons.

The third Delaware County Senior team members were Shelby Westhoff, Tehya Demmer and Grace Streif (Dubuque County). They finished 6th Overall, 4th Milking Shorthorn and 5th Holstein. Individually, Shelby Westhoff earned 7th Milking Shorthorn and Tehya earned 9th Holstein.

Because of their high individual ranking, some Delaware County Seniors may have an opportunity to represent Iowa in the North American International Livestock Exposition contest in Louisville Kentucky in November.

The junior team placed 2nd Overall. Team members were Lane Domeyer, Alia Domeyer, Katherine Comley and Sydney Demmer. They also earned 1st Brown Swiss and Ayrshire, 3rd Reasons, Milking Shorthorn, Holstein and Guernsey and 4th Jersey. Individually, Alia Domeyer earned top honors overall in the Junior division, also 1st Brown Swiss, 3rd Ayrshire, 6th Guernsey and Holstein, 7th Reasons and Jersey. Lane Domeyer earned 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Jersey and 8th Reasons. Katherine Comley earned 4th Brown Swiss. Sydney Demmer earned 5th Milking Shorthorn and 7th Guernsey.

Tyler Hoeger was a first year Junior and competed well as an individual. He earned 2nd Overall, 5th Ayrshire, 8th Brown Swiss, 9th Milking Shorthorn and 10th Holstein.

There were 9 Teams with 32 individuals competing in the Senior Division. There were 7 teams with 27 individuals competing in the Junior Division of the Contest this year.

The coaches of the Delaware County Dairy Judging teams are David Kunde, Kaleb Kruse and Jeannie Domeyer. We appreciate the support of parents, volunteers and the dairy producers who let us practice at their farms in preparation for the state contest. This year we judged animals at the farms of Norm and Julie Voelker, Tom and Sara Kruse, Dale and Michelle Heims and David and Donna Kunde.



Photos courtesy of Cherrie Engelken:

#2879- All Delaware County members– Front Row- Brian Heims, Mason Kruse, Cole Kruse. Second Row- Laney Demmer, Shelby Westhoff, Tehya Demmer, Amber Engelken, Sydney Demmer, Amanda Engelken. Back Row- Tyler Hoeger, Lane Domeyer, Carter Kruse, Alia Domeyer and Katherine Comley.

# 2886- Senior Team- Brian Heims, Mason Kruse, Cole Kruse, Amanda Engelken

# 2891- Senior Team- Carter Kruse, Amber Engelken, Laney Demmer

# 2904- Senior Team- Tehya Demmer, Shelby Westhoff. Absent from photo Grace Streif

# 2899- Delaware County Juniors- Tyler Hoeger, Lane Domeyer, Alia Domeyer, Sydney Demmer, Katherine Comley

Absent from all photos – coaches David Kunde, Kaleb Kruse and Jeannie Domeyer