Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met Monday night.

The Council took a step closer to reducing the maximum height for lawns and other vegetation from eight inches to six inches. That would apply to all developed residential lots in Manchester, as well as commercial and industrial zoned areas too. A second reading of the amended ordinance was unanimously approved, with the third and final reading scheduled for the next meeting.

The Council also adopted a resolution that amends the City of Manchester Employee Handbook regarding residency requirements for dispatchers. For years, the City required that dispatchers live within ten miles of the Communication Center, but the Council has approved removing that requirement.

And the Council heard a request from the Franklin Street Brewing Company – they would like to add a second-story balcony on the south side of their building in downtown Manchester. It would provide extra outdoor seating and shade – both of which have been a request from customers. The Council is supportive of the idea, but the City will need to draw up a long-term lease on the easement, which will require a public hearing. If approved, the brewery is hoping to start work on the addition next spring.