Manchester River Runner Regatta Winners

Around a dozen cardboard boats raced down the Maquoketa River at the Whitewater Park in this annual event hosted by the Franklin Street Brewing Company.

Wade Schaffer won the Individual Division with “Bob the Boat”, with Steph Hershey winning second place with “Mario Kart 308” and Justin Hayes taking third place with “678”.

Hershey’s team with “Mario Kart” also won the Two-Person Division, with Spenser Vande Voorde’s “Might Float” and Tom Wykoff’s “Carpenter’s Local 308” taking second and third.

In the Team Division, Spenser Vande Voorde’s team in their boat “Barge in Charge” won first place. Larry Mensen’s team in “Duct Boat” took second and Kyle Sands’ “FS Crowler” taking third.

“Barge in Charge” also won the Battle of the Boats, with “Bob the Boat” and “Duct Boat” taking second and third.

The “Iron Duck” won the Best Looking Boat award, with “Makeshift Maiden” wining Best Dressed Team and “Carpenter’s Local 308” winning the Titanic Award for Best Sinking.





(photos by Franklin Street Brewing Company)