Delaware County Dispatch Can Now Track Location of 911 Callers

Delaware County emergency personnel can now find you faster when you call 911 from your cell phone.

The first question in every 911 call is “What’s the location of your emergency?” Now that information will automatically be available to dispatchers.

Manchester Police Chief Jim Hauschild says it’s all thanks to new technology that provides your location.

The Delaware County Communications Center is among a thousand dispatch centers in the U.S. using this new technology. They have upgraded their systems to integrate with the Rapid SOS NG911 Clearinghouse, which is a secure location information server. Hauschild says there’s no cost – and the location data technology will automatically be embedded into your phone.

Hauschild says the new technology is a huge improvement – and while it won’t lead emergency personnel to your EXACT location, it comes pretty close.

The new location data technology is already in effect in Delaware County.