Manchester Council Turns Down Rezoning for Proposed Duplex

Manchester city officials would like to add more housing in town, but it won’t include a duplex on Crescent Drive.

Bill Rave had hoped to build a duplex at 100 Crescent Drive on the north end of Manchester and requested the City rezone the property from R-1 to R-2.

But most of the residents in that neighborhood weren’t on board… nearly 60 of them signed a petition opposing the rezoning request and presented it to the City.

Some of those neighbors spoke at a public hearing earlier this week at the Manchester City Council meeting. They were worried about more traffic at an already busy interesection, as well as the impact to their property values, the types of renters the duplex would bring in and visual impact to the entrance of the neighborhood.

Having built 80 to 90-percent of the houses in that area, Rave said he wouldn’t construct something that doesn’t look good and was hoping to designate the duplex as senior housing.

But neighbors were concerned what the duplex would become if Rave sold the property someday. Most residents say they bought their properties under the assumption that the neighborhood would consist of single-family homes.

The City Council unanimously voted against the rezoning. Councilmember Dean Sherman says while he’d like to see more housing in Manchester, he didn’t think that location was the right spot for a duplex.