Manchester Begins Fall Leaf Pick-up

The City of Manchester will start their annual Leaf Pick-up today.

Crews will be picking up leaves for the next four weeks, with each section of town scheduled for a specific day.

Pick-up for Section One is Mondays – that includes all areas south of Butler Street, but not including Butler. Section Two pick-up is Tuesdays – that includes Butler to Union Street. Section Three pick-up will be on Wednesdays – that area covers north of East Union Street to East Acers Street and from North Franklin to the east, including East Acers and both sides of North Franklin. And Section Four pick-up will take place on Thursdays – that includes north of West Union and west of North Franklin to Acers Street and then all areas north to the city limits from Acers (but not including East Acers or West Union).

Leaves must be in the street raked into wind-rows two feet away from the curb line before 7 am on your scheduled pick-up day. Leaves may be put into the street 48 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up day – the City says those in violation of the 48 hours may be fined.

The leaves will NOT be picked up if they are in bags or containers. This pick-up is for leaves only – sticks, twigs, brush or garden debris must be taken to the compost site.