Delaware County Board of Supervisors Meeting Recap

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met for a brief meeting on Monday.

The Board discussed a situation involving a property owner who has not been responding to the County in regards to repairing and updating their sewer system. County staff has tried contacting the property owner (who has not been publicly named) at least six times with no response. The County Attorney’s Office has gotten involved as well, sending a couple letters with a deadline to reply by November 1st. If the county doesn’t hear from the property owner by that date, the property owner could be filed with a citation and fined up to $750. The Board has chosen to set the fine at $250 for the first offense if they do not receive a response by the first of November.

In other county news, the 195th Street East Bridge project is set to start at the end of October.

The Supervisors will not hold a meeting next week due to lack of agenda items – their next meeting will be held October 29th.