Manchester’s Redemption Center Re-Opening Nov. 1st

Do you have cans piling up that need to be recycled? You’ll be able to get rid of them in a couple weeks.

Manchester’s redemption center will re-open to the public on November 1st.

And it’s under new ownership. Greg Rogers, who runs Lightning Lanes just down the street, bought the business this fall and is calling it Can Do Too.

For 14 years, a local agency called Unlimited Services operated Can Do Redemption Center on the east end of town. But a one-cent profit per can didn’t come close to covering the payroll for their employees, so they were forced to close at the end of August.

As the new owner, Rogers says he’ll need to fundamentally change the business so it can survive.

But Rogers says they WILL be very strict on penalties if someone brings something in with their cans that they shouldn’t – such as trash, excess liquid and foreign objects. He says they’ll also be strict on the rule of not mixing glass bottles with cans.

Another change is that payments will be mailed to you versus getting paid cash through a window. And Rogers says they’re also going to try implementing reusable totes and bags for bringing in glass bottles and cans.

The re-opening of the redemption center is something local residents have been hoping for. With other local centers closing, there hasn’t been a convenient place to go for recycling… so bags of cans and bottles have been piling up. Because of that, Rogers expects to get hit hard when the center opens the first of November.

Rogers says the redemption center will staff three full-time employees, two of which will be sorting cans at the center while the third person runs the routes… that’s because in addition to customers bringing cans to the center to be recycled, the center will also be picking up cans and bottles from bars and restaurants across the area.


(photo by Mike Johnson, KMCH)