Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council has approved the rezoning for Bailey Drive Estates first and second subdivision. The property will be rezoned from R1-80, R-2 and C-3 to Planned Unit Development so develop Joe Hildebrand can build duplex and triplex condos. He also plans to build mini storage units along the southern border adjacent to the railroad tracks. Arborvitaes or some other type of shrubbery will be planted along the north side of the property for screening purposes for the houses along East Main Street.

Last night, the Manchester City Council also approved a Change of Scope for the Manchester Downtown Park Project. The proposed change in scope will increase the estimated fee of Construction Observation and Survey work by six thousand to twenty thousand dollars. Part of the changes was due to the coordination of efforts with Impact 7G and the testing and monitoring wells that were put in place as a result of the underground storage tanks being removed. The other reason for the change is related to changing the City’s paving plans to accommodate the adjoining property, Bob Stephen Motors, and their paving plans.

And the City Council also approved spending just over seven thousand dollars to cut, remove and pave a section of South Tama Street in connection to the Community Savings Bank building project.

The Manchester City Council’s next meeting is set for Tuesday, November 13th.