One-on-One Interview with U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley stopped by the KMCH studios in Manchester on Friday morning, where KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker got a rare chance to sit down with him for a one-on-one interview.

The senator has been back in Iowa traveling the state campaigning for Congressional candidates, as well candidates for the Iowa Legislature. On Friday, Grassley made a visit to Garnavillo and attended a private event at Old 20 Auctions in Manchester to campaign for Congressman Blum. He says the upcoming mid-term general election is a pivotal one.

It’s been a busy and controversial fall for Senator Grassley, who has been in the spotlight as Chairman of Senate Judicial Committee during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. We asked Senator Grassley if he would change anything in regards to how the process played out.

Senator Grassley told KMCH he feels the Kavanaugh hearing may have fired up the Republican Party heading into the mid-term elections.

We also asked Senator Grassley his thoughts about the caravan of thousands of immigrants headed to the U.S. border from Central America.

Senator Grassley will be heading back to Washington D.C. in two weeks and has several items on his agenda, include criminal justice reform.

He says he’ll be working on moving judges, too. Senator Grassley has spent the past four decades working in Washington. And at 85 years old, the longtime Senator still keeps up with a busy schedule. He told KMCH there’s a couple of things that help him keep his energy.

Senator Grassley also made a surprise stop at KMCH’s Delaware County Food Bank Fundraiser at the Manchester Fareway on Friday, dropping off a donation of food for the local pantry.