Assault at Independence MHI Lands Nurse in Hospital

A recent assault at the Independence Mental Health Institute landed a nurse in the hospital.

A press release issued by AFSCME Council 61 reports a nurse was severely injured on October 24th during a Code Green incident at the facility. The press release says she “sustained a severe concussion after being punched in the head, her knee is still too swollen to tell if any permanent damage was done, and her rotator cuff in her shoulder is believed to be torn”. It took twelve people to intervene and control the individual for whom the Code Green was called.

AFSCME Council 61 President Danny Homan says staff at the Independence MHI are terrified that a riot is near and that they have no adequate training or tools to protect themselves.

Homan says he hopes that the Department of Human Services, legislators and the Governor cutting their funding will help by providing a safe environment.