Dyersville Hosting Open House Presentation on Flood Plain Enhancements

Tonight, Dyersville residents can learn more about a study on flood plain enhancements and stream restorations in their town.

An Open House Presentation will be held from 5 to 7 pm at the Dyersville Social Center.

Hydrology engineers from IIW and a Stream Scientist from Impact 7G will be on hand to present their findings after studying the effects of a proposed downtown development on the nearby floodway. They’ll show detail from the stream modeling and how a planned development will offer benefits to the area without negatively impacting the flooding along the North Fork of the Maquoketa River as it flows through downtown Dyersville and meets up with Bear Creek by Westside and Candy Cane parks.

Dyersville Economic Development Corporation had early feasibility engineering completed showing zero water displacement of the North Fork from the proposed development. But, after further consideration with consultants, they found that there may be an opportunity that will actually help convey the floodwaters with less flooding through town during high water events – and during low waters, these improvements will help to more easily access the river for recreational purposes and be friendlier as natural habitats.

A brief explanation of the presentation boards will begin tonight at 6 pm.