Memorial Donation to Jumpstart New Project at Bailey’s Ford Park

Delaware County Conservation was recently presented with a donation that is jumpstarting a new project at Bailey’s Ford Park.

A three-thousand dollar check was given in memory of Bob Clemen by his family. Clemen was a former Delaware County Supervisor. He enjoyed camping, with one of his favorite places being Bailey’s Ford Park. He had a vision of one day extending the water service to the northwest camping area at Bailey’s Ford Park.

This donation, along with other memorials received, is the start of a fund to achieve this goal. To accomplish this, Delaware County Conservation is starting the planning process to include the drilling of a well as a future park project.

Donations for this project can be mailed to Delaware County Conservation at 2379 Jefferson Road, Manchester, Iowa 52057 – designate your donation as the “northwest campground well”.


(photo courtesy of Delaware County Conservation)