Manchester Council Considering New City Shop

The Manchester City Council is considering building a new city shop.

It’s been on the City’s radar the past few years. City Manager Tim Vick says the current city shop needs extensive work – and safety is a big concern.

Vick says there are benefits to building at a new location versus trying to improve the old facility just off West Marion Street.

The City does not have an estimated cost to repair the existing shop. Vick says if they were to fix the building, they would need to gut it to the studs and replace the wiring, plumbing, HVAC and floors. The City decided that if they were to go to that extent, they should start over on the building.

Demmer Architecture presented the City Council with proposed plans for a new city shop at Monday night’s meeting. The 18-thousand square foot building would include eleven vehicle storage bays (eight of which would be drive-through), along with one wash bay, one fab bay, storage areas, two offices, a locker room, a break room and restrooms. A preliminary drawing of the proposed new city shop is below:

The City would still use the old city shop for some operations, including the dog pound and storage of equipment not used on a regular basis.

The City Council heard from one Manchester resident at the meeting who urged them to take a good look at the project and consider whether it’s something the City can afford. Former city council member Jeff Ogden says he’s not against a new city shop, but he’s concerned that the City is not getting out of debt.

The Manchester City Council will take some time to consider the proposed plans for the new city shop and vote at a future meeting.