Missing Clayton County Sex Offender Apprehended and Charged

A Clayton County sex offender who had been missing for more than a decade has been apprehended.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office Lee Rolfe of rural Guttenberg was arrested a month ago and charged this week.

In a press release issued Friday, the Sheriff’s Office says they had first received a missing person’s report on Rolfe in April of 2008. An initial investigation determined he had traveled outside the state. Rolfe, who was a registered sex offender, was non-compliant and efforts were made to find his whereabouts. Eventually, the leads went cold and the investigation remained open.

On October 25th, the Sheriff’s Office was notified by the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department in the State of Missisippi that they had apprehended Rolfe. He was arrested on an outstanding Iowa arrest warrant and later transported back to Clayton County.

Rolfe was charged this week with failing to register as a sex offender.