Camp Courageous Garage Sale Moving to New Manchester Location

The Camp Courageous Garage Sale is moving to a new location in Manchester.

It was announced last week that they’ll moving down the street from their current location to the old Norby’s building on East Main Street. Camp Director Charlie Becker says the Manchester Garage Sale all started years ago with a generous donation from the Norby family and now that generosity is helping them again.

Becker says the Camp Courageous Garage Sale has been in the current building since 1994. It’s grown since that time, so he says they’ll definitely benefit from a bigger space.

And they’re still in discussions on what they’ll do with the current building.

Volunteers will be cleaning up the current building early next year, with plans to open the Camp Courageous Garage Sale in the new Manchester location in mid-April.


(photos courtesy of Camp Courageous)