Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council held their regular meeting last night.

They heard from Manchester resident and former city council member Jeff Ogden, who shared his concerns over the finances involved for a potential new City Shop. The City is considering building a new City Shop on the east end of town to replace the current shop, which they say is aging and unsafe. While Ogden is not against a new city shop, he is concerned about the City taking on more debt for this project. He says according to the City’s numbers, the City was around two-and-a-half million dollars in debt just over a decade ago – right now, the City’s debt sits at a little more than eleven million dollars. A new City Shop is projected to cost around three-point-two million dollars on a 20-year bond. Ogden encourages the City Council to consider all options before making a decision. The Council appreciated hearing his concerns – council member Dean Sherman agrees they need to be cognizant of the City’s debt, saying it’s a difficult decision when trying to invest in the City’s future.

The Council is also considering increasing the amount of funding available to residents for drainage assistance. Right now, the City can provide a cost share up to one-thousand dollars in financial assistance for the improvement and maintenance of drainage ways on privately-owned property. The Council would like to know the number of property owners along the city’s dry runs and other information before possibly setting a new amount.

And the City Council has approved the work covered under the 2018 Street Improvement Project, with assessments overall less than expected.