Dyersville and Delaware County Partnering for X-49 Reconstruction Project

The City of Dyersville and Delaware County are partnering to do some reconstruction work on X-49 over the next couple years.

X-49 is the highway just north of the new Dyersville interchange, leading from new Highway 20 to Old Highway 20 on the west end of town.

The plans are to widen X-49 from 12th Avenue Southwest to 1st Avenue West (also known as Old Highway 20) and install underground storm sewer. Delaware County has agreed to contribute 300-thousand dollars towards the cost of the project – and in exchange, the City will take over the jurisdiction of that stretch of road.

The City of Dyersville is also planning to construct a roundabout at the end of that road at the intersection of X-49 and Old Highway 20 – the County is not part of that project.

Work is expected to be completed over the 2019 and 2020 construction seasons.