Corrected Manchester Water Bills Sent Out

Are you wondering why you recently received a corrected water bill from the City of Manchester?

The original utility bill sent to residents on December 21st accurately itemized all charges, but due to a software error, the tax portion of the bill (now noted as “ET”) did not tabulate into the total due column. The corrected bill accurately reflects these charges. Sending a corrected bill was necessary, especially for residents and businesses that have their payments automatically withdrawn from their checking accounts. For customers who paid their bill prior to receiving the corrected billing, the difference between the original bill and the corrected bill may be carried forward without penalty and paid with the next bill.

Itemized charges also now include a new code – “ET”. Earlier this year the State of Iowa adopted new legislation developing a new water tax. This is called a Water Excise Tax (WET Tax). You can read about this tax and the legislation at

You can contact City Hall with any questions you may have.