Two Manchester Residents Fall Victim to Phone Scams

Manchester Police are warning the public of two different phone scams that are targeting local elderly residents.

Over the past two weeks, two Manchester residents have lost money to these scammers.

In the first incident, the caller pretended to be an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration out of Dallas. The caller told the victim their banking account was tied to some illegal drug activity and money laundering in Texas. After building a rapport with the victim, the caller then said since their bank account was compromised, they needed to protect their assets by withdrawing all the money in their account and then purchasing Google Play Cards at local businesses and then call them back. Once the victim calls back, they’re instructed to give them the card number and security pin numbers. They are told they’ll be given a code to access their funds, which are being placed in a secure account. After the victim gives all of their pin numbers, they have basically given all the value of the cards to the scammer. This local victim lost over four thousand dollars, but an attentive clerk inquired as to what she was doing and caught her before she could give them an additional thousand dollars.

The second scam involved a local victim who was called by someone she believed was a friend. The caller said they were in Chicago, where they had been arrested and jailed and needed money to get out. To build a rapport, the caller put his so-called “attorney” on the phone, who then told the victim that their friend would two thousand dollars to be released from jail. The “attorney” then instructed the victim how to send the money, telling them to go to Kwik Star in Manchester and purchase Ebay gift cards and then call him back once she had them. The victim called back and was instructed to give the card numbers and pin numbers, effectively handing over the money to the scammer.

Manchester Police say if you receive any questionable calls like this, always contact law enforcement before you take any action.