Monticello Planning Reconstruction Work on North Sycamore Street

The City of Monticello is planning reconstruction work on one of its city streets.

The North Sycamore Street Reconstruction Project will include the complete removal of the existing street, as well as curb and gutter, sidewalks, sanitary sewer main and water main. The street, which is currently patched concrete, will be replaced as a Portland Concrete Cement street with new curb and gutter, sidewalks and driveway approaches. All sanitary sewer and water main will also be replaced, with some storm sewer and subdrain installed too.

City Administrator Doug Herman says the North Sycamore Street project will extend from 1st Street to 7th Street, and portions of each side street will see some street replacement, curb and gutter and sidewalk work too.

The project is scheduled to last the entire construction season this year and it could carry over into next spring with some final cleanup and seeding.

The Monticello City Council gave the go-ahead for the project on Monday night, directing the City Engineer to finalize the plans.