Manchester Expanding Trail System

Manchester is expanding its trail system.

Manchester Good to Great has been working with the City on plans to add more trails for walking, hiking and even cross country skiing. Good to Great Chairperson Wes Schulte:

Along with that half-mile loop at the former brush dump site, Good to Great now also has the City’s support to add two and a half more miles of trail within the city limits – all amongst a natural terrain where you can get a little more active with activities like mountain biking. Plans are still in the initial stages, but they’re looking into creating trails and posting signage in several areas of Manchester, including Schram Pond and the Tirrill Park backwaters.

Schulte says more recreational trails was number one on the community’s wish list for improvements to Manchester last year.

Good to Great is also discussing the community’s request for an indoor pool, along with a couple other smaller projects for Manchester too.