Winter Finally Arrives for Local Snowmobilers

It’s been a long winter for local snowmobilers who were patiently waiting for a little snow… so now that nearly ten inches of the white stuff has fallen in Delaware County, they’re finally getting a chance to ride.

That’s Jim Willey with the Snow Pioneers Snowmobile Club. He says Delaware County is home to hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails, with 95-percent of those trails on private ground such as frozen fields that have been opened up to the public by landowners. And this year’s trails have a couple new additions.

If you’re riding, there’s a couple things to keep in mind… Snowmobilers on open trails through the country can ride anytime of day or night, but some communities have limitations on hours. And you must have a registered snowmobile, a trail pass and liability insurance.

Willey says the local Snow Pioneers club works hard to make the trails each fall and maintain the trails throughout the winter. And anyone is welcome to join.

Willey reminds all snowmobilers to be careful if you’re headed on the ice – he warns if you haven’t checked the thickness, don’t go on it – you may not be as lucky as the guy ahead of you.


(photo courtesy of Snow Pioneers Facebook page)