New Look and New Name for Delaware County Senior Center

The Delaware County Senior Center has a new look – and a new name.

This past fall, the Good Neighbor Society purchased the Delaware County Senior Center in Manchester and renamed it the Neighborhood Retreat. They spent time renovating and refreshing the building in December and just finished decorating it this week.

Val Schlict, the new Neighborhood Retreat Director, says they offer community meals every Monday through Friday.

The cost for a meal is $6, but based on income, meals may be subsidized (with a minimum cost of $2). They’d appreciate reservations made 24 hours in advance – just call 927-5473. Schlict says they’ve got a lot of goals for the Neighborhood Retreat, but their main focus right now is to have their Senior Assistance program up and running by April 1st.

Local residents got a chance to check out the new Neighborhood Retreat on Thursday during an open house.