Local Communities Open Warming Centers

Several local communities have opened up warming centers for residents who need heat during this dangerously cold weather.

Manchester Fire Chief Mike Ryan says they’re here to help if needed.


The Ryan, Delhi and Dundee fire stations have opened up as warming centers, with Edgewood and Colesburg opening up warming centers too. If you are a Delaware County resident who needs a warm place to go in this weather, contact Delaware County Dispatch at 927-3355 and they’ll help get you set up.

The New Vienna Fire Station is also open to the community for anyone who needs shelter – just contact Dubuque County Dispatch at 1-800-262-6013 and they’ll page the fire department to open the station.

The City of Worthington has designated the Community as a warming shelter through Thursday. It is unlocked and the lights will remain on Wednesday night if the power or heat goes out at your home. In the case of a total power outage throughout the City of Worthington, the Memorial Hall would be the designated emergency site for such a large-scale event.