Manchester Police Warn of Social Security Phone Scam

Manchester Police are warning of another phone scam.

The Police Department received a call earlier this week from a Winthrop resident who had just received a call from the Social Security Administration stating someone used their social security number in Texas and made multiple demands. The alleged caller from the Social Security Administration and told her that a marshal was going to arrest her.

Shortly after ending that conversation, the resident received a call from 563-927-3355 (which is the Manchester Police Department’s number) stating he was a marshal with Manchester Police Department and used the first name of one of their officers.

Manchester Police would like to warn everyone of fraudulent calls like these in which the scammers use scare tactics, spoof software to show an actual law enforcement phone number, and use the names of their officers in an attempt to defraud you of money. Police urge you to hang up on these callers and contact your local law enforcement agency if you receive any calls like this.