PPEL: Ed-Co Voters Approve; MV Voters Reject

Both Ed-Co and Maquoketa Valley held special elections on Tuesday, asking voters to approve a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy.

Ed-Co’s PPEL passed with over 72-percent of the vote, while Maquoketa Valley’s PPEL fell just a few votes short of approval at 49-point-48 percent.

The Maquoketa Valley School District was asking for an additional 33-cents in the district’s PPEL to continue with renovation projects, including improved security entrances and cameras at all three elementary buildings in Delhi, Hopkinton and Earlville. MV voters who headed to the polls on Tuesday were split down the middle at 94 yes and 94 no, but it was the large absentee voter turnout that made the difference – two hundred votes were cast absentee, with 98 in favor and 102 against.

The Ed-Co School District asked voters to approve a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy of a $1.34, which will help pay for expenses the general fund can’t cover such as building improvements.