No Rest for Snow Removal Crews

All the snow, ice and wind over the past few weeks have been keeping those big orange DOT plow trucks busy.

And with the way this second half of winter is going, they could end up using a record amount of salt and sand. DOT winter operations administrator, Craig Bargfrede, says this week hasn’t  given them any rest.

The DOT could hit some 200-thousand tons or more. He says the blowing snow can be the worst thing to face – leading to snowdrifts and icy roads.

The cold temperatures make the salt and brine the trucks put down less effective in dealing with that ice.

While they are using a lot of material on the roadways, Bargfrede says their only supply problem is getting through the weather to re-supply the areas that need it.

The DOT has roughly one-thousand full-time employees and they try to hire around 600 part-time to work on the snow removal efforts.


(story courtesy of Radio Iowa)