Delaware County Adopts New Footwear Policy to Protect Employees

Delaware County has adopted a new footwear policy to prevent potential injuries to its employees.

A workman’s comp insurance carrier recently recommended a steel-toed shoe policy. It would help protect County employees who use equipment or engage in work-related activities that could cause injury to their legs or feet.

The policy would require those County employees to purchase and wear safety-toed boots. The Board of Supervisors will determine which departments and employees fall under the new policy.

The County will pay up to 150 dollars for full-time employees and up to 75 dollars for part-time or seasonal employees for the purchase of one pair of safety-toed boots each year. The boots must be purchased at Thompson Shoes in Manchester – that’s because they’re a local business who will accept returns and help find the right fit. And the County will pay Thompson Shoes directly.

Employees can purchase safety-toed boots from another business, but they won’t receive any reimbursement.

County Supervisor Jeff Madlom says the new policy makes sense – he says the County pays for safety vests and other equipment to help keep their employees safe, so safe footwear should also be offered.