Mullis to Plead Not Guilty; Trial Set for May

Trial has been set for an Earlville man accused of killing his wife.

Todd Mullis’ trial is scheduled to be held in Delaware County beginning May 13th.

Mullis’ arraignment was set for next Tuesday. However, Delaware County Attorney John Bernau told KMCH Thursday that the court has accepted Mullis’ written arraignment. Mullis’ counsel had filed a written arraignment and plea of not guilty, with a demand for a speedy trial.

Mullis was taken into custody two weeks ago and charged with First Degree Murder in the death of his wife, Amy. She was fatally injured on their farm last November, with six puncture wounds to her back from a corn rake.

Authorities initially said her death appeared to have been caused by an accidental fall. But evidence gathered during the investigation led authorities to believe Todd Mullis was responsible. They believe her death was premeditated, with the investigation revealing internet searches by Todd Mullis in the months before her death that included such searches as “killing unfaithful women”, “organs in the body” and “thrill of the kill”.

He remains in the Delaware County Jail on five million dollars cash bond.

Pretrial has been set for April 16th, with a bond review also set for that date.

Public court documents detailing the investigation of this case are available for viewing at