Anamosa State Rep. McKean Switching from Republican to Democrat

The longest-serving Republican currently in the Iowa legislature is leaving the GOP and joining the Democratic Party. Representative Andy McKean, a 69-year old retired attorney from Anamosa, was just re-elected last November.

McKean says he’s a moderate who’s felt uncomfortable in today’s GOP — and he’s unwilling to support President Trump’s reelection.

McKean has served in the legislature for 29 years. And he intends to seek re-election to the Iowa House – as a Democrat – in 2020.

Speaker Linda Upmeyer, the top Republican in the House, says McKean’s exit from the Republican ranks “will not distract” the GOP “from moving forward with the conservative agenda that Iowans have tasked us with.” The chairman of the Iowa Republican Party says McKean had no problem riding President Trump’s coattails to victory in 2016 and has violated the trust of voters in the Anamosa area.

Meanwhile, the top Democrat in the Iowa House says McKean has a long history of bipartisanship and will be a “pragmatic leader and strong voice” for voters in his district.


story courtesy of Radio Iowa; photo courtesy of McKean Facebook page