Illegal Immigrant in Cascade Sentenced for Fraud

An illegal immigrant living in Cascade has been sentenced for fraud.

19-year old Charly Martinez-Hernandez, a Mexican citizen, was sentenced to more than three months in federal prison on Monday for using a false identification document to get a job.

He had pleaded guilty in February to one count of unlawful use of an identification document.

At the guilty plea, Martinez-Hernandez admitted he used a fraudulent Social Security card bearing an alias name when he completed an employment form at a Dyersville business last August. The Social Security number was assigned to someone else. Martinez-Hernandez also used a fake state of California ID card with the same alias name bearing his photo as part of the application process.

He had been admitted into the U.S. last April on a visitor visa, with authorization to stay in the country until October. He was found by immigration agents in December after being charged with OWI.

He remains in U.S. Marshals custody until he can be transported to federal prison.