Public Input Gathered During Manchester Community Visioning Sessions

What makes Manchester unique? What do you like about the community? What are some of the challenges here?

Those are some of the questions Manchester residents were asked during a couple of visioning sessions last week. The City invited a firm called McClure to come in and get input from citizens so Manchester can find out what they need to do to grow and build on what makes the community special.

Libby Crimmings, Vice Principal Community Placemaker at McClure, and Alex Pearlstein, Vice Principal of Economic Development, conducted the two visioning sessions last Thursday and Friday at the Manchester Fire Station. A few dozen people attended, giving their opinions on what makes Manchester great and what the current challenges are.

And McClure was very complimentary of Manchester’s leadership.

So now that McClure has input from Manchester’s residents, they’ll move on to the next steps.

We’ll keep you updated on the process on KMCH.



photo courtesy of Manchester Chamber