Voting Reminders for Delaware County Jail Project Election

Today is Election Day in Delaware County.

It’s a special election on the proposed new Delaware County Jail and Sheriff’s Office. Voters are being asked whether or not the County should bond up to five-point-nine million dollars to pay for the project.

All the facts you need to know about the proposed project can be found on our website at – that includes assessments and photos of the current facility, proposed plans and renderings of the proposed new facility, an explanation of the proposed project from Sheriff John LeClere and County Supervisor Jeff Madlom and a projection of how this proposed bond would affect Delaware County residents.

A 60-percent supermajority vote is needed to pass today’s bond issue.

Polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm today across Delaware County. You will vote in the same place you went to vote in the November general election. Here’s a reminder of where your polling place is:

Adams and Hazel Green Townships – you vote at Ryan City Hall

Colony Township – you vote at the Colesburg Community Center

Delaware Township – you vote at the Delaware County Rec Center

Delhi Township and the City of Delaware – vote at St. John’s Parish Hall in Delhi

Honey Creek and Elk Townships – you vote at St. Mark’s Parish Center in Edgewood

Manchester’s 1st Ward – you vote at the Manchester Fire Station

Manchester’s 2nd Ward – you vote at the Delaware County Community Center

Manchester’s 3rd Ward – you vote at Seibert Park Memorial Hall

Milo and Prairie Townships – you vote at the Delaware County Conservation Building

Oneida, North Fork and Bremen Townships – you vote at the Earlville Civic Center

Richland and Coffins Grove Townships – you vote at the Dundee Community Center

South Fork and Union Townships – you vote at the Hopkinton Community Center

Also keep in mind – voter identification is now required. All voters will be asked to provide either their Driver’s License, Iowa Non-Operator ID or their Voter ID Card. If you don’t have it, you can either have someone attest for you or vote a provisional ballot and bring your ID into the Auditor’s Office by next Monday morning before the canvass of votes.

And we’ll let you know the results when they come in tonight on KMCH.