Regional Medical Center Introduces New In-House MRI

Residents of Manchester, Iowa and nearby areas have an innovative new diagnostic option when it comes to their healthcare.

For the first time ever, Regional Medical Center (RMC) welcomes in-house Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) testing to the local community. Previously, RMC relied upon a mobile service to provide examinations on certain days of the week. Now, Manchester’s compassionate team of radiology experts can conduct those exams regularly, inside the hospital in the Sheppard MRI Suite, bringing the same attention to detail and expertise to these tests as they do all other screenings conducted in-house.

“This is a game-changer for Regional Medical Center,” said Lynn MacTaggart, Radiology Manager at RMC. “We’ve heard from so many patients that, while the mobile service was fine and kept them from having to drive for hours to a larger hospital, it wasn’t always convenient, and it certainly didn’t carry the same high-quality experience our residents rightfully expect from their care. By giving us increased availability and more appointment openings than ever before, the installation of our new MRI enables our team to serve the community and give patients the timely, compassionate care they deserve.”

The MRI, a MAGNETOM Aera from Siemens Healthineers, is a 1.5T system offering a full range of applications designed for an exceptional patient experience. These include a fast setup process, a wide bore to reduce potential claustrophobia and other features that have the potential to decrease exam time and reduce anxiety. Plus, the high-quality images it provides can allow providers to make a more confident diagnosis.

“I’m thrilled we’re able to bring this service to the people of the communities we serve and everyone who entrusts their care to us,” said Charlie Button, Chief Executive Officer of RMC. “We strive to provide excellence in healthcare close to home, and this truly speaks to that goal. This is an investment in our community’s future, one that allows us to keep patients and their families healthy for generations to come.”

In addition to in-house MRI, Regional Medical Center continues to offer extensive radiology services in the following areas:

  • X-ray

  • Ultrasound

  • Bone Density Testing (also known as DEXA)

  • CT

  • 3D Mammography

  • …and more.

Residents interested in having their next MRI exam or other radiology procedure at RMC can seek a referral from their provider or contact the Radiology Department at 563-927-7338.