Oelwein Man Arrested after Ditching Vehicle with Children Inside

An Oelwein man has been charged after assaulting a female Thursday morning.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office says 32-year old Roger Dean Hall II physically assaulted a female while she was driving, with three children in the vehicle with her. Authorities say an investigation shows Hall put the vehicle in park while the vehicle was moving. He then took control of the vehicle, intentionally driving it into the ditch at Highway 3 and R Avenue with the female and three children still inside. Hall then drove the vehicle to 50th Street and Palace Road, where he parked and started walking toward Oelwein.

Oelwein Police tracked down Hall in the 900 block of North Frederick. He was arrested and taken to the Fayette County Jail.

Hall faces numerous charges, including Domestic Abuse Assault (his third or subsequent offense) and Child Endangerment.