Delaware County 4-H and FFA Exhibitors Participate in Showmanship Clinic

With just a few weeks until the Delaware County Fair kicks off, 4-H and FFA members are busy working on their projects to exhibit.  Livestock exhibitors spent Wednesday, June 5th at the Showmanship Clinic put on by ISU Extension and Outreach Delaware County.

Sixty youth attended the Showmanship Clinic to improve their showman skills and learn tips from experienced 4-H members and Livestock superintendents and volunteers.  The clinic featured sessions on beef, poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, dairy cattle, and a swine demo.  Youth selected which sessions they were interested in attending.

Each session featured a demonstration animal or video provided by an experienced 4-H showman. Topics covered included care for the animal, equipment use, basic information a judge would ask, showmanship techniques, appropriate attire, and other showing opportunities. Livestock superintendents and volunteers also went over best characteristics of an animal, how to best highlight those for the judge, qualities of a good showman, and proper showmanship etiquette.

Youth walked away eager to work with their animals and practice up for the fair, after all “Showmanship is won at home.” With just 30 days until the start of the Delaware County Fair, youth will be prepared to exhibit their livestock projects and ready to showcase all they’ve learned about showmanship.


photo courtesy of ISU Extension and Outreach of Delaware County