Summer Farm Toy Show Tractor Ride Comes to Manchester

The Summer Farm Toy Show wrapped up in Dyersville over the weekend.

The two-day event kicked off Friday with the annual tractor ride, with over 70 tractors making their way up to Petersburg for breakfast and then over to Manchester for lunch at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

Over the past few years, the tractor ride was led by Leon Kluesner of New Vienna. Leon passed away last summer, but his memory lived on in this year’s ride through his son, Keith.

And Jerry Klostermann of Bankston stepped in to fill Leon’s role as ride leader.

Most of the riders were local – from Manchester, Colesburg and Farley – but a few traveled pretty far to be part of it, including Henry Juston from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It’s that sentiment that brings people here for the Summer Farm Toy Show – and brings a boost to the local economy. Dyersville Economic Development Director Jacque Rahe:

The Dyersville Commercial Club’s Rubbles & Riches Market and citywide garage sales were also held over the weekend.





photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH