West Delaware School Board Meeting Recap

The West Delaware School Board met on Monday night, reviewing several new policies for the district.

Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey says they are required by law to review policies every five years, so policy review is always on the agenda. But Monday night was unique in which the board reviewed three new policies required by legislation that were put into place last year.

One of those new policies addresses suicide prevention.

The second new policy focuses on concussion and brain injury management.

And the third new policy is an emergency operations plan. Dr. Rickey says West Delaware has had an emergency operations plan in place for a long time, but it is now solidified in a policy – covering situations like fires, tornadoes and active shooters.

The West Delaware School Board on Monday night also approved several staff changes, including the terminations of Jennie Stiefel and Jan Tschirgi; the resignations of Assistant Middle School Track Coach Danielle Osmundson and bus driver Roger Palmer; and the hires of Buildings, Grounds & Transportation Secretary Renee Tibbott, High School Special Education Teacher Melissa Hauschild and bus driver Steve Dudak. TLC hires for the upcoming school year were also approved.