Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met Monday night.

Chandra Ravada, the transportation director for Regional Planning Affiliation Region 8, spoke with the Council about area projects seeking federal funding. The City of Manchester will receive one-point-two million dollars in federal funds for the Highway 13 project in fiscal year 2020.

The Council approved replacing the five west garage doors on the south side of the Manchester Fire Station. The low bid of 17-thousand-600 dollars came from Overhead Door Company of Dubuque. The City says the garage door replacement was already budgeted for.

The Council also approved a request from Library Director Kristy Folsom, who asked for a request for a variance that requires Department Heads to live within a ten-mile radius of their department headquarters. Folsom plans to move to Hiawatha. Councilmember Mary Ann Poynor says since Folsom’s position does not require her to respond to urgent situations like a police chief’s job would, she was okay with Folsom living out of town and making the commute to work.

The City says work on the city parking lot project south of Community Savings Bank is expected to start August 1st. However, with the Chamber’s Bacon ‘n Hops festival being held on August 3rd and lack of parking expected to be an issue, the City will ask the contractor if the project can be pushed back to August 5th.

And the Manchester City Council heard from resident Jeff Ogden regarding the City’s public hearing on the Urban Renewal Plan Amendment that is planned for July 22nd. The amendment pertains to the use of tax increment financing to pay the costs of constructing, furnishing and equipping a new city shop. Ogden, who believes two-point-six million dollars is too much for a city shop, wants Manchester citizens to have a choice on whether or not this shop is built. The City says if the amendment is approved, it would allow for a reverse referendum, in which any Manchester resident against it can sign and file a petition. A total of 34 signatures would be needed within ten days to reverse action on the City shop if the Council makes a decision at the July 22nd meeting.