Delaware County Fair Judging Results – Monday, July 8

The 2019 Delaware County Fair kicked off on Monday, July 8th with our Conference Project Judging.  4-H and FFA members showed off their talents and skills with hundreds of projects from restored tractors to homemade bread.   Many projects are heading to the Iowa State Fair in August.  Those include:

Animals/Ag and Natural Resources

Nicole Schilling

Aleah Heims

Alternate—Aaron Dunkel

Alternate—Grace Helle

Science, Engineering, and Technology

Adrienne Freiburger

Joseph Gerst

Lydia Heims

Maria Schilling

Kael Gaul

Anthony March

Tyler Hoeger

Maria Sperfslage

Alternate—Bake Cook

Alternate—Sawyer Krogman

Alternate—Anthony Gerst


Isabelle McGovern

Shelby Krogman

Kaya Knipper

Ila Fontaine

Hannah Axline

Tyler Hoeger

James Nachtman

Adam Cook

Leah Ries

Alexis Krogmann

Alexis Krogmann

Shelby Krogmann

Grace Reth

Alternate—Caleb Stocks

Alternate—Isabelle McGovern

Food and Nutrition

Hayleigh Ries

Kael Gaul

Emma Dunkel

Kaya Knipper

Jenna Gerst

Grace Reiss

Maci Cook

Alternate—Alicia Nachtman

Alternate—Carson Schnieders

Personal Development/Music/Health

Leah Ries

Madelyn Hoeger

Alternate—Nicholas Stocks

Alternate—Dylan Sands

Visual Arts

Joseph Gerst

Isabell Kruse

Isabelle McGovern

Ila Fontaine

Carter Krogmann

Hannah Axline

Josephine Goebel

Alternate—Landen Palmer

Alternate—Ethan McGovern

Home Improvement

Levi Mullis

Kael Gaul

Molly Mullis

Ila Fontaine

Caden Ries

Leah Their

Abby Klosterman

Grace Rowan

Alternate—Sophia Dunkel

Alternate—Isabelle McGovern

Child Develop/Clothing & Fashion/Sewing and Needle Arts/Consumer & Management/Other

Hayleigh Ries

Isabelle McGovern

Lauren Hoefer

Caleb Stocks

Alternate—Kennedy Kolbet

Alternate—Kinley Kolbet

Communication Poster

Jared Schanbeck

Ila Fontaine

Alternate—Isabelle McGovern

Results from the Dog Show included:

 Champion Pre-Novice A-Jared Voss

Reserve Champion Pre-Novice A-Kennedy Klostermann

Champion Pre-Novice B-Makayla Gasper

Reserve champion Pre-Novice B-Aaron Dunkel

Champion Novice-Emma Dunkel

Reserve Champion Novice-Ella Cole

Champion Graduate Novice-Makayla Gasper

Champion Agility On Leash-Maylin Coates

Champion Agility Off-Leash-Emma Dunkel

Champion Dog Showman-Emma Dunkel

The Horse and Pony Show took place on Monday afternoon in the Horse Area.  Results were as follows:

Champion Pony-Lacy Reth

Reserve Champion Pony-Sylvie Mersch

Champion Western Horse-Lucas Beilby

Reserve Champion Western Horse-Malorie Putz

English Walk/Trot Level 1-Natalie Beilby

English Walk/Trot Level 2-Katie Schwarzhoff

English Walk/Trot Level 3-Macie Putz

English Pleasure Class Level 1-Natalie Beilby

English Pleasure Class Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

English Pleasure Class Level 3-Macie Putz

English Equitation Level 1-Malorie Putz

English Equitation Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

English Equitation Level 3-Macie Putz

Open Walk/Trot Level 1-Natalie Beilby

Open Walk/Trot Level 2-Sylvie Mersch

Open Walk/Trot Level 3-Macie Putz

Western Pleasure Pony Level 2-Sylvie Mersch

Western Pleasure Horse Level 1-Natalie Beilby

Western Pleasure Horse Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Western Pleasure Horse Level 3-Macie Putz

Western Horsemanship Level 1-Malorie Putz

Western Horsemanship Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Western Horsemanship Level 3-Macie Putz

Ranch Horse Level 1-Natalie Beilby

Ranch Horse Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Ranch Horse Level 3-Macie Putz

In-Hand Trail Level 1-Addison Blush

In-hand Trail Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

In-Hand Trail Level 3-Macie Putz

Trail Level 1-Natalie Beilby

Trail Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Trail Level 3-Macie Putz

Bareback Walk/Trot Level 1-Natalie Beilby

Bareback Walk/Trot Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Bareback Walk/Trot Level 3-Macie Putz

Tandem Bareback-Malorie Putz & Natalie Beilby

Egg & Spoon-Emerson Kramer

Pole Bending Level 1-Malorie Putz

Pole Bending Level 2-Katie Schwarzhoff

Pole Bending Level 3-Macie Putz

Flag Race Level 1-Natalie Beilby

Flag Race Level 2-Haley Burlage

Flag Race Level 3-Macie Putz

Barrel Racing Level 1-Marley Wagnor

Barrel Racing Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Barrel Racing Level 3-Macie Putz

Handy Horse Level 1-Natlie Beilby

Handy Horse Level 2-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Handy Horse Level 3-Macie Putz

Champion Junior Horse Showman-Alaina Their

Reserve Champion Junior Horse Showman-Malorie Putz

Champion Intermediate Showman-Brycelynn Hutchinson

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Leah Their

Champion Senior Horse Showman-Macie Putz

Reserve Champion Senior Horse Showman-Emerson Kramer

Monday wrapped up with the Junior Feeder Cattle Pen of 3 Show.  Winners included:

Champion Junior Cattle Feeder Pen-Claire Rausch

Reserve Champion Junior Cattle Feeder Pen-Ellie Recker

Champion Beef Carcass live-Joseph Simon

Champion Rate of Gain-Caleb Krogmann

Thank you to the many leaders, judges, members, and volunteers that helped make Monday a success.

Tuesday the fair will host the Pet, Poultry, Rabbit, Meat Goat, Sheep, and Agronomy Show.  For a full schedule of events please visit